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An American Phrase Book

Натолкнулся на такой список идиом.

Суть в следующем:
Множество людей которые хорошо знают Английский мигрируют в США. После прибытия они бывают шокированы тем, как много простых фраз приобретают совершенно другой смысл.

Ниже приведены некоторые фразы которые помогут новым посетителям США понимать собеседника:

Phrase MeaningExample
Let's have lunch sometime!I don't want to see you again. -"There's still so much more I want to talk to you about!"
-"Yeah, let's definitely have lunch sometime!"
Thanks for reminding me!Stop bugging me! -"Did you ever get a chance to look over that memo I sent you?"
-"Oh, right! Thanks so much for reminding me! I'll get back to you on that soon."
Some are better than othersSome are crap -"I do like my classes, but really I have to say that some are better than others."
He/She is quite the characterHe/She is scary and/or repulsive -"You know Jenny? She is quite the character. I don't know what to make of her."
Thank you *so* much!Thanks -"Can you pass me the milk?"
-"There you go."
-"Thank you *so* much!
Thanks[This phrase doesn't have a meaning per se] -"Please send me the material by monday. Dave."
-"Here it is. Thanks, George."
You would want to do XDo X now! [Strong Imperative] -"Sir, you would want to take your feet off this bench."
-"Of course, officer."
You might want to consider to do XI absolutely expect you to do X [Weak Imperative] -"You might want to consider to postpone your trip until after the deadline."
That's a great idea, but...That's a bad idea -"So I really think that's a great idea, but you might want to consider the opposite approach"
Would you like some gum/mint?You have bad breath [Self-explanatory]
FriendSomeone you've met at least once and didn't cause you any harm -"Harvey, I'd like you to meet my friend, Je... Ji.... hmmm.. er... what was your name again?"
The mostA [Indefinite Article] -"I just watched the most depressing movie"
Good job!You didn't fail -"Please write down 5 names of people you know...Good job!"
You did really great[similar to 'Good Job!'] You didn't screw it up -"So we're done with your X-ray, you can get up now. You did really great."
Fooling aroundHaving non-coital sex For example, ex-US president clinton was merely "fooling around" with his intern.
Sounds greatIs fine -"Can we meet on Monday at 3?"
-"Yeah, Monday at 3 sounds great!"
How are you?Hello [not a question] -"How are you?"
-"Hi! So good to see you!"
I'll have to think about itI have thought about it, and the answer is no -"Would you be able to come pick me up before the game?
-"Hmm, I'll have to think about that one."
A littleWay too -"We probably want to take a cab there. It's a little far"
-"I don't want to go at all, it seems a little dangerous."
AwesomeVery good -"Awesome. I think we have everything we need for the dinner"
-"Yeah, it'll be an awesome event."
Exciting / ExcitedGood / Happy -"I'm really excited about being done with my tax forms!"
-"Really? That's so exciting to hear!"
Let's just say[Serious understatement following] -"Let's just say, I'm a little unhappy with her work."
Not great / not the bestVery bad -"We had to fire him because he wasn't the best programmer."
Not a good / a great / the best fit[Stand in for any serious character flaw] -"Unfortunately, a convicted arsonist is not the best fit for our warehouse."
I wish I couldI have very little interest -"So are you coming over tonight?"
-"Awwwww... I wish I could!"
I love him/her, butI have a serious problem with him/her -"I mean, don't get me wrong: I love my boss, he's awesome. But he keeps screwing me over behind my back, and he hasn't paid me in six months!"
I'm not sure if/that XI'm sure that [not X] -"I'm not sure if I would agree with him on that matter."
-"You know what? I'm not sure that he really cares about your opinion."
That's [really] interestingI couldn't care less -"You work for 'Engage Music'? Oh my god! So my boyfriend, he has a band, and they're looking for an agent now. I mean, like, you know?"
-"Really? That's really interesting."
He/she is niceI have nothing good to say about him/her -"So what did you think of Tony? We just started dating, and I think I really like him."
-"Yeah. He's nice. Totally. Totally nice."
Keep/Stay in touchDon't expect to ever hear from me again -"So yeah. Keep in touch, alright?"
How are you today Sir/Madam?I am paid to make conversation with you -"Welcome to Carpet Heaven, where the carpets are as good as their price. How are you today, Sir?"
Not badBad -"So tell me honestly: what do you think of my new painting?"
-"It's not bad."
Still working on X [Restaurant]Eating [too slowly] -"Are you still working on that salad, Sir?"
-"Yes, thanks."
-"I'll just leave this here then. Whenever you get a chance."
Whenever you get a chanceAs soon as possible See above
I'm all over itLeave me alone. I'll get to it when I get to it, ok? -"Did you start getting those reports ready, Nathan?"
-"I'm all over it, boss!"
Party [v.]Drinking alcohol -"I partied so hard last night that I could hardly get up to work today."
Party [n.]An event in which people stand around in a well-lit room drinking and eating finger food. [Note: does not usually involve dancing.] -"You should come to my party on Saturday. There'll be olives!"
ProbablyDefinitely -"I will probably not make it to the party tonight."
A huge favorA small favor -"Can you do me a huge favor and pass me the salt?"
[usually followed by 'thank you so much, see above]
It's not that x, it's just that...If it were acceptable, I would say x -"It's not that he's an idiot, it's just that I don't feel comfortable when he opens his mouth."
TotallyPossibly -"I'm totally going to write her a letter."
For you[This phrase has no meaning per se] -"Let me just have a look at this chart for you, sir."
No offense, butPrepare to get offended [Note: combines well with "let's just say", see above] -"No offense, but let's just say that your new book is not as great as your previous ones."
Not necessarilyDefinitely -"So do you think the board took my idea badly?"-"Not necessarily."
Mixed successUtter failure -"You know, bringing you to meet my parents was met with mixed success."
Highly recommendedMandatory -"It is highly recommended that you turn in your application in time to increase your odds at being considered."

Источник: An American Phrase Book
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